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Best customer support ever! Any questions that I have, and even those I don't know to ask are taken care of in a very timely manner. Brett P.

Location: Portland, Maine , Country: US

When I took over a project from another developer they had already paid for hosting with GoDaddy. When I uploaded my site to GoDaddy, I first had to disable certain features because they just wouldn't work on their servers. But no matter what I disabled I couldn't seem to make the site any faster, it was just plain slow. I even spent hours tediously going back and re-compressing my images to the lowest quality acceptable, and still no performance improvement. I finally got fed up and moved my hosting to SPRHost. It took about 20 min to copy my files over and upload the database and I was live. With SPRHost I was able to make my drupal site fully functional again and the pages were loading with blazing speed! Thanks, Billy.

Loralee H eMail
Website: [ woods4senate.com ] , Location: Roswell, New Mexico , Country: US

I have been with Billy for over 9 years now. Simply the best hosting company and support there is. Billy truly is one of a kind in his dedication and support. One of the Family!

Blake M eMail
Location: Prairie Village, Kansas , Country: US

I appreciate everything that SPR Host Network does. The site is easy to work with and Mr. Wood is always willing to help. I highly recommend his hosting service to everyone.

Terri M eMail
Location: Roswell, New Mexico , Country: US


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