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Additional Space & Bandwidth Print

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Listed below are prices for additional space and bandwidth for shared hosting plans. However, it's highly suggested you get in touch with our Sales team if you need more space and bandwidth. They can review your account and current offerings to make sure you get the best rate.

Additional Disk Space & Bandwidth

Disk Space

1GB = $2.50/month

2GB = $5.00/month

3GB = $7.50/month


10GB = $12.50/month

20GB = $25.00/month

30GB = $37.50/month

40GB = $50.00/month

Important Notice: All upgrades are for the full length of your current term. For example, if you are on a yearly term and you request additional bandwidth, you would be billed for the remaining months of your current term. Furthermore, when your package renews, the bandwidth upgrade will also automatically renew. If you wish to increase your bandwidth for an amount less than your package's term, do not complete the account upgrade form. Instead, create a ticket requesting additional bandwidth. Please be advised that there is a $20.00 processing fee for additional bandwidth for a period less than your package's term.

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