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Domains and hosting plans behave differently on their renewal dates. While you'll have a 6 day grace period to make payments on your hosting plan before the system suspends it, domain names will be redirected by the main registrar on its expiration date.

So, to prevent the domain from being redirected, our system will generate the invoice thirty days prior to the renewal date (an email will be dispatched as well). This will give you time to log into the billing system and update your credit card number.

To avoid the risk of having your domain redirected, we'll renew your domain up to 7 days BEFORE the renewal date.

All clients will receive an email if we are unable to process payment. The system will dispatch three emails the first week a domain expires. This is why it is very important to keep your email address up to date.

Further, clients in the US & Canada will receive a phone call if there are any payment issues.

As you can see, even though we make a strong effort to get in touch with you, we still need valid contact information to be successful.

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