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Your world-class solution to fighting spam and email viruses is right here.

Spam Barracuda Firewall service is used by goverment agencies, ivy-league universities, and fortune 500 companies -- including The U.S. Department of Defense, Harvard University, The U.S. Army, Microsoft, IBM, FedEx, and NASA.

This elite system uses the Bayesian learning system to decipher what is - and isn't - spam. Anything it's not sure of will get quarantined so you can check it in a secure environment, without worrying about having viruses injected onto your computer.

Here are your 12-Layers of Defense:

? Denial of Service Protection
? Rate Control
? IP Reputation Analysis
? Sender Authentication
? Recipient Verification
? Virus Scanning
? Policy (User-specified rules)
? Spam Fingerprint Check
? Intent Analysis
? Image Analysis
? Bayesian Analysis
? Rule-based Scoring

But, it's more than spam & virus protection.

Beyond safeguarding you against viruses, and blocking your spam... you'll never lose a single email. Here's why...

In the rare event your web-site is down, due to server maintenance or a hardware failure -- the barracuda spam firewalls will hold your email until your web-site is back online.


Multiple barracuda spam firewalls are clustered together... so... if one fails... another will take over the workload. Avoiding you the embarrassment of friends, family, and customers seeing errors when trying to email you.

Resellers - roll out the red carpet for your clients for just a few bucks a month. And, if you need it in bulk, we'll cut you a deal. Just send a ticket to Sales through the Helpdesk.

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