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We're happy to see that you would like to transfer your domain name to SPRHost Network. To ensure a smooth and successful domain transfer, there are a few conditions which must be met.

A) The domain name is not expired and will not expire within two weeks
B) The domain is "Unlocked" at the current registrar
C) You have access to the registrant email account
D) You have the EPP/authorization code
E) Make sure the auto renew is turned off

If you don't know how to or want to take care of the above, just give us your login info to your account and one of our support team will be more than happy to take care of it for you. All you will need to do is place the transfer order.

Please note, registrars will not allow a domain to be transferred until it has been registered for at least 60 days. Therefore, you may want to contact your registrar for details prior to requesting a domain transfer.

Tip: Once the domain transfer is initiated, neither the gaining or losing registrar will be able to make changes to the domain (like change name servers). The transfer process can take about a week to complete. So, please be sure your domain is pointing to the right name servers before initiating the transfer.

Now, .com, .net, .org,?.info, .us, .biz domain transfers typically includes an additional year of registration as well. However, due to a global registry restriction, domains being transferred within the first 45 days of renewal will not have the additional year of registration.

Once you're ready to initiate the transfer, you can order it at:
you will need to have an account setup and be logged into your account.

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