We setup accounts within 4 hours of receiving payment. Buying by Credit or Debit Card through PayPal is the quickest method. There may be DNS propagation delays on registering new Domain Names, of up to 48 hours. But we will have everything setup our end within 4 hours.

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Are there any hidden costs, or setup fees?

No.? If there are setup fees they will be listed.

Are your server's Unix, Linux or Windows?

Our Shared Web Hosting Servers run on Linux, Server Version: Apache / (Unix)?CENTOS...

Can I pay monthly?

Yes - On most packages we do. If you are not able to pay monthly for a certain package it will be...

Do you provide shell access?

Yes and no. We provide shell access on a case by case basis. Please e-mail support@sprhost.com...

What control panel do you use?

The control panel we use is called cPanel/WHM.