All of our servers are running PHPSUEXEC, this means PHP executes as the "real user". This enables us to track spam and exploited sites with greater efficiency. We turn off register_globals on our servers, as to have this enabled globally is a security risk for the server.?It does not affect site usage, but it does mean to enable register_globals you need to do something different. Remove any references to register_globals in your .htaccess files and create a file called php.ini in this file put the following:

All PHP implementations run with a default set of values for configuration variables. Such variables control properties such as the amount of memory a PHP script can use, whether to register global variables, where to store SESSION variables and much more.

SPRHost's shared servers allow to you overwrite most of the default values for such variables. To do so, you need to create a file on your local machine named

You can create this file within your favorite text editor, but it should have the .ini extension.

Once you have created this file, place any variables you wish to modify within this file and save it. As an example, we will describe how to enable Register Globals.

Within your php.ini file, place the following line to enable register globals:

register_globals = On

Lots of popular scripts require register_globals to be enabled to properly function.

You only need to add those settings which you wish to change in your custom php.ini. All other variables will retain their server-wide default value.

Once you have created the php.ini file, added your configuration lines, and saved it, you will need to upload this to your space. Be sure to place it within your script's executing directory, in other words, the same directory as the script which requires these specific settings. You can use any FTP client or your cPanel's File Manager to do so.

Once uploaded, the PHP values you have modified will take on the values you have set.

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