When your website is located on a shared server you are hosted on what?s called a static IP address. A static IP address means the IP will never change, however it is still shared among all the other clients located on the server.

When you attempt to go to your website using just the IP address you are actually going to the server's main cPanel page.

To properly view your website using the IP URL you will want to use the following format:


For example, if your server's IP address was and your username was ?test? then you would access your website using (? )?

(Please keep in mind that is not a valid IP address, you will want to view your original welcome email to determine your server's IP address)

With a dedicated IP, it is possible to have only your site hosted on a single IP address. This will allow you to visit the IP address directly (without qualifying it with the username) to view your site.

For more information on dedicated IP addresses, such as the advantages of having one, you can visit the link posted below.

All about Dedicated IP Addresses

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