This guide will go over the basics of the Barracuda Spam Firewall. If this is not available for your account, please contact the sales department for more information about activating the service. They can be reached at the helpdesk:

How It Works

To understand this device, it is important to understand the basics of how it works. Let?s say you don't have Barracuda, and is sending an email to your email account

This is how the email would be sent:

FROM: server at -------------> TO: server at

The email would go right from the sending server to your email account. If you have Barracuda, it works like an intermediary between the two servers. This is how email is sent to you with the Barracuda service activated:

FROM: server at ------> Barracuda scanned! Approved! -------> TO: server at

The email leaves and goes right to the Barracuda filter. There, the email is scanned, quarantined if necessary, then forwarded to your account. This all happens in real time and is transparent to you, the end user. It is also important to understand that Barracuda is active for an entire domain instead of individual email accounts. When you add a new email account in cPanel, there is no need to reconfigure the Barracuda device.

Upon first quarantine of an email, you will receive a notification at the end of the day detailing what is currently in quarantine. A quarantined email sends something like this:

FROM: server at ------> Barracuda scanned! Quarantined! You stay right here! |Denied!| TO: server at (This server never gets anything and the spam will not reach your inbox)

If you wish to check your quarantine at anytime or adjust your spam settings, you can login to your Barracuda management area here:?

Input the email address you wish to check as the username. If you do not know your password, you must then click 'Create New Password'. A Barracuda password for that email account will be sent to that email account. Just log into Barracuda using that email address and corresponding password.

Want to ALWAYS block or ALWAYS allow email from certain domains?

You can do so by checking out the Whitelist/Blacklist section of your Barracuda management area. It is the leftmost tab in the Preferences section. If you want to ALWAYS block emails from a certain accounts, add the address into the Blacklist. If you want to ALWAYS allow emails from certain accounts, add the address into the whitelist.

Don't want Barracuda to keep emails it thinks should be quarantined?

You can option to have Barracuda forward quarantined emails to your inbox with a prefix of [QUARANTINE] added to the subject line. To enable this, go to the ?Quarantine? section of the ?Preferences? tab, and select ?No? for the ?Enable Quarantine? options.

Want to change your password?

You can change your password by going to the "Password" section of the Preferences tab. Simply enter your old password for confirmation into the top text box, and your new password twice, once in each of the remaining text boxes. When you are ready, click ?Save Password?.

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