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What is a Search Engine and What does SEO mean? Print

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What is a Search Engine and What does SEO mean?

A search engine is typically a website or a function that allows you to search web pages by reference, keywords, or paraphrases, while allowing you to input what the matching criteria should be. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. A keyword mostly talked about in the webmaster or web development community. Some of the bigger, most popular search engines at the time of this writing would be Google.com with 70% usage, Yahoo.com with 16% usage, and Bing.com with 9% usage. These percentages and calculations are an estimation for all of the internet searches in the entire world. No doubt you've probably used one of these search engine websites before when looking up specific information on something you wanted to know more about. When you hear people talk about their web pages being "SEO Friendly", what they're referring to, is that they've had search engine traffic in mind when designing or finalizing their site before publishing it. They'll also be thinking of the best ways of gaining more of this kind of traffic while modifying their website, or when building it from the ground up.

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