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Google Page Rank is a ranking system that Google has set in place. You can understand that there can be thousands upon thousands of websites about any certain subject online. Google wants to know which one of these are the best and most relevant to specific keywords for surfers searching with those terms in their search query. If you're looking for the exact equation that is used for how Google calculates its Page Rank, I would recommend viewing the wiki article on Google PR: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PageRank. However, the formula used to calculate Page Rank can be quite complicated to say the least. To describe it as simple as possible, it all boils down to how many people are linking to your website from their own websites, and how important or relevant those websites are according to Google. Google will count all of your website's incoming links, also referred as "back links", and find out how important or relevant those sites are. Then, Google will assign your own web pages with a page rank value upon the next PR update. These values scale in ranking from PR0 to PR10, with PR10 being the best possible page rank any of your web pages could ever achieve.

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