How can I get my new website listed or indexed in Google or other Search Engines? Print

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How can I get my new website listed or indexed in Google or other Search Engines?

Most people think that getting their website indexed into the major search engines like Google or Yahoo is the golden ticket to gain large amounts of traffic to their web sites. I'm afraid that just getting indexed alone is not going to be enough to get the kind of results you might be expecting or looking for. While it's important to get your domain and web pages indexed, it's even more important to have a higher page rank.

Serps positioning and Page Rank is what drives large amounts of traffic to your site. In order to get a high page rank, you do have to be indexed with Google. So getting indexed is step one of the process. Years ago, the easiest way of doing this was to submit your domain or website to the search engines you wanted to be listed in. While some decided to do this by filling out their manual submission form or the use automated software, this is no longer the right technique to get the job done. Now, it's as simple as designing your website. Once it's done, visit your page and then go to in your web browser. Google will track what web page or domain you were on before you visited Google. If Google says, I don't have that domain listed, it will schedule search engine robots or spiders to crawl and index your website at some point in the near future. Doing this multiple times will not speed anything up. Only do it once and just wait it out. You can check to see if your site is indexed by typing your domain into the Google Search engine. If your site shows up after hitting the search button, then you're indexed. You can then begin on working on raising your sites Page Rank at this point. If it's not, just wait. It can take up to 3 months for Google to crawl your site. Once you finally get indexed on Google, other Search Engines will take notice and follow suit to send out their own robots/spiders to crawl your site. Getting indexed with Google fires off a chain reaction to getting listed with others. There are a few other ways of doing this, but this would be the easiest, quickest, and most efficient method of getting indexed.

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