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How can I check my websites Google Page Rank?

There are quite a few ways of checking your page rank with Google. The most common would be to download and install the Google Toolbar onto your web browser. It has a feature built in to display the page rank of the website you're currently visiting. So, all you need to do is have this Google Toolbar installed and visit your website. I would recommend taking caution in where you download the toolbar to avoid Spyware, Adware, or fake look-a-likes. Make sure you download the toolbar directly from Google and nowhere else.

If your site says PageRank: unranked; or N/A, it doesn't mean you?re not indexed or it's not working properly. It means Google has not assigned your domain or pages a Page Rank yet. Google is not obligated to even assign you Page Rank. If you do not meet the standards of a Page Rank 0 with the content you represent, then you'll remain unranked until the next PR update takes place.

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