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How often does Google re-calculate page rank for indexed websites? Print

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How often does Google re-calculate page rank for indexed websites?

This is a question often asked by a lot of webmasters and you'll get a lot of different answers if you look it up and research it. Google does not release the dates it decides to do page rank updates. A page rank update (referring to Google page rank) is a day that Google will go through all of its listed sites and assign a new page rank. The new rank given could be higher or lower than previously before. Sites that had no rank before could now be ranked and vice versa.

Since no one truly knows when an update to page ranks will be, we can take a look at the pattern of historic updates. History tells us that Google updates page rank for indexed websites about 4 to 5 times a year on average. Each update is approximately 3-4 months apart. Therefore, it's safe to assume that if the last Google page rank update took place 3 months ago, another may be right around the corner. When Google is updating their page rank, it's usually a long drawn out process. You might have friends or colleagues say, "my rank was just updated with higher results" while yours remains the same. Don't get discouraged right away. The whole process can take a few days to fully complete and propagate. Google has multiple servers that contain this information. The toolbar or program you might be using could be connecting to a server where those updates may not have propagated yet. So, it's best to wait a few days before making assumptions about your rank. During updates your rank is also subject to change. You could have had a PR2 site before the update, then see it jump to PR5, and then back down to PR3. Nothing is set in stone until the update fully completes and propagates with all page rank servers.

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