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What is a META tag? Do I need one?

A META tag is a block of HTML code that instructs search engines what your web site is all about. While it doesn't really give you an edge in listings or traffic amount, it does provide search engines more accurate information about your website. The last thing you want is people visiting your website looking for the wrong information. It's a waste of your hosting resources and will give you a false impression of how much real traffic your website is getting. You want the traffic that search engines send to be accurate and as on target as possible for optimal results. A META tag will typically contain about two lines of HTML code. One of the lines will provide a description of your page. The other line will allow you to assign some keywords that represent what the page is all about. You should insert the META tag just below the HTML

?<TITLE> tag and above the <BODY> tag on your web page. Example below shown.

<TITLE>SPRHost Network</TITLE>
<META name="description" content="Providing quality shared, dedicated and virtual dedicated web hosting!">
<META name="keywords" content="host, servers, shared hosting, virtual servers, uptime, linux">

Notice the two META tags are in between the <TITLE> and tags? You'll want to place your own META tag in the same position. The text outlined in blue is the actual META tag.

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