We appreciate your interest in the additional features our service has to offer. To aid in your decision on which features are right for you, we will briefly explain each. There are two available features to use multiple domain names on your hosting account: Parked Domains and Addon domains.

Parked Domains Explained:

The parked domain feature allows multiple domain names to access your main domain name. A parked domain would display the same pages as your main domain, but using the parked domain name. For example. if your main domain name was fishman.com, you could setup a parked domain name for fishpeople.com. Then, everytime someone typed fishpeople.com in a web browser, your fisherman.com website would display, retaining the URL fishpeople.com. Further, parked domains have full email functionality, so you would be able to have email addresses, aliases, and forwarders for anything @ parkeddomain . com.

Addon Domains Explained:

Addon domains are basically like having separate accounts all within one control panel. Each addon domain will have it's own web pages, email accounts, mysql database, and ftp access. However, all domains will be controlled through you current CPanel.

Our?Advance plan included several Addon and Parked domains by default. If you currently have an older plan, you may need to either purchase these domains a la carte or upgrade to the?Advance plan. A la carte pricing is below.

Additional Fees:

Parked Domain: $1.00/month
Addon Domain: $2.00/month

The additional feature will be pro-rated. Therefore, you will pay this amount in the same frequency as your main hosting account. However, any time which has already elapsed from date of signup will be deducted from your total.


You signed up for our standard plan with yearly (12 month payments) on 01/15/2003. You decided to add a parked domain on 06/15/2003. Your total would be:

$1.00 (monthly feature fee)
x 12 (months in payment term)
- (minus)
$1.00 (monthly feature fee)
x 6 (months from last payment date)
= $6.00 (total)

To enable either of these features, please use the following upgrade form:

Account Upgrades Form

*NOTE: All upgrades are for the full length of your current term. For example, if you are on a yearly term and you request an upgrade, you would be billed for the remaining months of your current term. Furthermore, when your package renews, the upgrade will also automatically renew.

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