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Introducing Fully Managed Services

SPRHost Network is proud to offer our Fully Managed service. Get peace of mind knowing someone is always watching your server, standing by to make sure your sites and services stay online.

What do I get with a Fully Managed Server?
Fully Managed servers include the following features:

-- Regular Kernel Updates. We aggressively watch for the latest kernel updates and make sure your server is kept up to date. Reboots for kernel installations are coordinated with you, ensuring your machine is not updated during a peak traffic time.

-- 24/7/365 Real Time Monitoring. Your machine's services and load are constantly monitored for disruptions and spikes. Service status and load status notifications are provided to our Technicians every minute, keeping us up to date on what's going on on your machine. Corrective actions are coordinated with you for utmost consideration of your users. In instances where abusive users are running amok on your machine, we will contact you and provide our recommendations for addressing the problem. If the abuse is so extreme that it may cause a complete server crash, we suspend the user and immediately inform you of our actions. Doing so ensures your server stays online and keeps you up to date on what was needed to restore stable service.

-- cPanel Notifications. Our Technicians address any notifications automatically sent out by your cPanel service and provide you with updates on recommended course of action. Such notifications include:

? S.M.A.R.T. warnings

S.M.A.R.T. checks keep us up to date on the health of your drive. Some S.M.A.R.T. warnings are simply updates regarding changes in your drive's current status (such as Temperature fluctuations) while other warrant immediate attention or even drive replacement. We monitor your S.M.A.R.T. alerts and inform you in the event any corrective measures should be taken.

? Disk Full warnings.
cPanel will send out notifications when disk usages reaches varying levels of capacity. Our staff will investigate such high usage and provide our recommended course of action. A full disk does not always mean you need another hard drive. Core Dumps are one common cause of full disks and can usually be removed from the server after review. Our Technicians can quickly identify where the most usage is stemming from and give you a detailed report.

? Backup Notifications
For those servers with a backup drive installed and regular cPanel backups configured, we review notifications after a backup has been run. By monitoring your backup status, we ensure backups are ready for you when you need them most.

-- RAID Replacements (if applicable)
For those servers with hardware RAID and hotswap capabilities, we actively monitor the status of your array and in the event of a DEGRADED system we take immediate action. Drives are replaced and arrays are brought back into an OK status without the server ever coming offline.

Fully Managed services are available on any servers running a standard cPanel setup. Any server running software not explicitly sanctioned by cPanel is ineligible for Fully Managed Services.

To request Fully Managed services, simply post a ticket with our Sales and Billing department from within our Helpdesk.

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