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Domain Name Changes Print

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You may change the domain name on your hosting account at anytime. There is no fee for changing your domain name, however, you will still have to register the new domain name at normal pricing if you haven't already registered it.

To change the domain name on your hosting account, simply use the following form:

Account Upgrades Form

On the bottom of the form, you will see a text field titled "Change Domain Name to". Simply enter the domain name you want to use instead of the one you are currently using. Then, we will be more than happy to manaully modify your account to host the new domain name, while no longer hosting the old domain name.

If you would also like to register your new domain through us, you can do so at the link posted below.

New Domain Registration

To use multiple domain names with your hosting account, see the article:

Addon & Parked Domains Explained

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